Monday, July 25, 2011

Where Is The Love?


It sickens me to see parents nowadays, I wonder where the love went.  Why are there so many books about how to raise a child?  children are not plants, you don't farm them, you don't feed them what they need and do whatever it takes to make sure they get to the point of being able to bear fruit so they can serve you.  You don't raise them, you love them, or does that just not happen anymore?  What ever happened to loving your child?  "Oh I love my child, I gave birth to them, what makes you think I don't love them?  I support them in everything" Do you really? "I always know what's best for them" Are you sure?  do you even know who their best friend is? "I look out for them all the time" Do you even know what kind of music they listen to?  "No..." Then shut your face and learn what REAL love is!!!Anymore it just seems like you're only a good parent if you raise a child who earns lots of money, or controls people.


Yes, there is a way to love a friend.  I know, such a revelation for you, right?  Well it isn't for me!  Learn to care about your friends, learn to give a damn about what goes on in their lives.  Are they struggling with a class?  help them out.  Are their parents causing them problems?  Let them vent to you.  Learn to care about your friends, they are people, not tools there to make you happy and entertain you.  Learn to be a true friend.  It's not all about helping them, just be there if they need you, love them, do things for them sometimes, make them happy even if it's something you don't feel like doing.  Have a heart!!!  Ask them how they're doing sometimes, what's going on in their home, how life's been, things like that.  Show them you give a crap how they're doing, you'll be surprised how close you can get after that.


Yes, I am addressing males and females who are in a relationship, whether it be with the opposite sex or same sex, this applies to all, open relationships, etc etc etc.  RESPECT EACHOTHER DAMMIT!!!  I can't say it enough, respect is key, respect, honesty, trust, and friendship.  If your mate is not your best friend then why aren't they?  You don't fall in love with people, you choose to love them.  Love is a decision, it is a verb, you don't sad someone, you don't mad someone, but you do love someone.  It's not some uncontrollable force that takes you over, it's a choice to serve someone with your life, to make them as much a part of you as you are.  If you have an issue with them or something they do, have the freaking respect to TALK to them about it.  If they confront you about something, have the respect to correct yourself.  Show them that they are the most important thing in your life, show them that they mean everything to you.  If you would do something for yourself, you'd BETTER be willing to do it for them.  There should be no one more important to you than them, and you better do everything in your power to be sure they know that.  The phrase "other half" is not just a joking term, it's literal, if your Significant Other is NOT your other half, then you're not one person.  A love of mates means that your souls should become one, the two of you should be of one mind, doing nothing without the other's knowledge.  Get to know eachother, get to love eachother!!!

People In General

If somehow you feel that you didn't fit into any of the previous topics you fit in this one, so read it dammit.  No no, stop you're complaining about this rant and "Oh who are you to criticize and tell me what to do and" and nothing, shut your mouth and listen!!!  Stop feeling all your self pity, get over it, you're not the only person in this world that is hurting, there are some who hurt as much as you, some who hurt less, some who hurt more.  "You don't understand my problem tho" No, maybe I don't, but let me tell you this much:  you're alive, time is still ticking, your heart is still beating, so get off your butt and show some love, and then love will be shown to you too!!!  Give love to get love, that's how it works, the more you give the more you get.  As my brother once said "When you give a little you get a whole lot back"  It takes sacrifice to make someone happy, so if you're going to expect someone to make sacrifices to help you, then you better be ready to make sacrifices to help them.

My Final Thoughts

Expect to make mistakes, you're human, but also, expect others to make mistakes too, they are also humans.  I have tried my best to show love as a friend, and I continue to do so, and I have thankfully found a few true friends myself.  I also am happy to say my relationship with :iconacrazycookie4: could not be any better, I couldn't ask for anything more from her, she has respect, she has honesty, trust, and is trustworthy.  She has shown me love like no one else ever has, and I love her like I've never loved anyone before, nor will I ever love anyone as much.  In other words, she has done everything I listed in the Mates part of this rant, and I try to keep up my end as well.  As far as my parents, well they can just give up at this point, it's too late for them to love me, they've lost my respect and my love, and they can't gain them back.  I plan to be the best parent I can, not by forcing my kids to do their best, not by lying to them to make them feel like I support them, but by treating them like human beings.  I won't RAISE my children, I will LOVE them.  Thank you for wasting your time reading this entire rant, and please realize that I know hardly anyone will agree with anything I've said here, no one seems to think love is a real thing anymore, but I'm happy to say I've seen it present in my life, negative comments will be expected and most likely ignored.  Sure, say that's me with a closed mind, but you'd only post a negative comment if you too were closed minded, so why should I waste our time trying to change your mind?  Thank you for your time~Xyyme