Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm New To Blogging

Hello world, I'm new to this whole blogging thing, well to some extent.  I tend to post regular personal Journal entries on my DeviantArt account, which I suppose can be considered a blog.  I also head a reltively large group on DeviantArt(DA) for a free mmorpg that I play called Mabinogi, the group is Mabi-Members.  I also founded a rather large group that is a fan group dedicated to the character">Tira from the Namco series">Soul Calibur, the group being Tira-Fanz.  Alas I left the administration of the group in order to admin another group, and then another, and so on and so forth.  I believe I have been an admin for a total of six or seven groups on DA.
Well now that is enough about DA, time for me to move onto other things.  I have a YouTube account as well, it is">XyymeDA, the DA of course representing DeviantArt.  I am tempted to make a new account there so I don't have to live with DA tagged onto my name.  Oh, and that leads me to a good subject to cover now, my name, Xyyme Mogal.
Xyyme Mogal is not my actual name, however I wouldn't mind if it were.  It is the identity that I go by everywhere online, and I have found only one other account under the name Xyyme and it's a YouTube account of course.  Xyyme was a character I created long ago, and then eventually created a story about him, which I plan to turn into a game series one day.